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Epson(TYO: 6724), officially known as Seiko Epson Corporation, is a multinational company headquartered in Japan. It holds a prominent position as a global leader in the digital imaging sector, renowned for its extensive range of imaging and information-related equipment. Epson operates across several business segments, with a core focus on developing solutions to address societal challenges. These segments encompass: Watches; Printers and Scanners; Projector Products; Industrial Equipment; PC, Software, and Other Solutions; Micro Devices, Components, Materials, and Other Products. Founded in 1942, Epson initially started as a watch manufacturing company under the name Shinshu Seiki Co., Ltd. In 1982, it adopted the name Epson Corporation. Presently, the Epson Group comprises 81 companies spread worldwide, employing nearly 80,000 professionals. It maintains business and service outlets in 57 countries and regions. Epson remains at the forefront of innovation in various fields, including office and home printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visual technology, and lifestyle products. Our mission is to co-create sustainability and enhance communities by connecting people, things, and information. We achieve this by leveraging our efficient, compact, and precision technologies in conjunction with digital advancements.